Site Security - It is a Multi-Faceted Endeavor and .htaccess is a Must!

As an ecommerce business owner, you certainly understand the critical importance of protecting customer personal and financial information as purchases are made on your site. You monitor this security regularly and update it as needed. Insecure checkout procedures are simply disasters waiting to happen, and so you are fully diligent! How about other security that you may not even be thinking about?

Market Researches Alive And Well On The Internet!

Large retailers that have both brick and mortar and web-based infrastructure conduct a great deal of market research. Let's face it. They have the money to hire the expert market research firms that will give them the results of surveys, that will provide clear data on who buys what, on who potential customers are, and on what types of marketing will best reach consumers most likely to become actual customers. If you are a web-based business and a small-to-medium one at that, how can you compete?

Cyber Hacking - It's Not Just a Problem for Big Business!

We've all heard the horror stories of large corporations being hacked and consumer information being stolen - Target, Bank of America, etc. For the small business owner who operates a retail site, this type of hacking seems far removed from his/her business. After all, the sophisticated cyber criminals prefer to pick on large businesses, right? Wrong!

Calls to Action – They Have Been a Part of Sales Forever

Before the Internet, sales were conducted in brick and mortar establishments, on the telephone, or by visiting with people in their homes. In all of these cases, salesmen knew that they had to “instruct” their potential customers to engage in some type of action – one that resulted in purchasing what was being sold.

Navigating the Jungle of Keyword Research

You have a website for a reason, right? What is your goal? Obviously, you have a product or a service that you wish to market, and, in order to do that, potential customers have to know you are there for them! Put succinctly, you need a strong Internet “presence,” for that presence means traffic, and traffic means increased sales. The other factor in all of this, indeed, is the right kind of traffic – customers who really want and need what you offer. 

Success for You E-Commerce Store: Prevent Fraud

Now that you are up and running, and sales are growing, you will probably experience what all online retailers do – fraudulent purchases. And, in many instances, you will have already shipped product out before you are informed that the fraud has occurred. For example, a purchaser comes to your site, buys several items and uses a credit card that “goes through” as valid. You consider the purchase final and ship the product.


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