WEB Development Services

Every business owner can't operate without designed and coded website. Some require software applications for both work stations and all mobile devices. Everyone from employees, vendors, suppliers and customers, want to receive information quickly, efficiently and in user-friendly formats. Nothing is more frustrating than to get on a website, whether that is from a PC, laptop, or mobile device, and browse tons of pages to get to what we need! This is the reason why most business owners employ a professional web developer or a group of developers to develop sites and apps that provide information or promote products and services in unique, exciting, and easy-to-use ways.

Busy owners have little choices. They may employ developers directly in their country, bring them to the office and incur the additional costs that having regular employees also bring, like huge salaries, seperate office, taxes etc...Or, like most prefer now, seek to hire web developers abroad with a solid and positive history as outside contractors. This will cut costs and a lot of hassle. We understand these needs so we have our own team available for hire. We serves clients all over the world.

Our professional team has a wide range of people available for hire, be it developers, designers or simple workers for data entry or other tasks.

We have experienced developers that are skilled in a lot of fields from Wordpress\Drupal to Ruby On Rails. The rate varies depending on the skills and technology. The minimum rate is $15/hour for developer. For other rates please create a ticket at our support desk.