Brace Yourself! World Backup Day is Coming

With the upcoming World Backup Day, it is a high time to face the truth.Your digital data is extremely susceptible. Even if all of your passwords as more that eight characters, including numbers and capital letters, and a laptop is always in a prospective case, your data is still at risk. A robber, a burst pipe, a fire, and even your own recklessness may result in a loss of memories from the last summer vacation or business data.

Just have a look at the statistics. Every month, 1 out of 10 computers is infected with a virus even though protected against malware. Each minute, 113 people have their phones stolen. However, external factors are not the only reason for the data losses. Inattentiveness and accidents cause a third of data-related issues. Not to become the next victim, honor World Backup Day.

The 31st of March was named World Backup Day to emphasize a valuable role data plays these days and make as many people as possible aware of the necessity to secure it. Everyone should remember that not protected information is a treat to both the functioning of an organization and personal life. If you are not on a safe side yet, you should probably hurry up.

To make the process of backing up easier and trouble-free, follow a couple of recommendations:

  • Become choosy. Do not try to backup everything. Divide your data in groups: something that you will definitely need, miss, and can do without. Then, backup everything from the first and the second category.
  • Do not trust yourself. People have a tendency to make mistakes and forget things while software does not. Have a relevant solution do the job for you, and you will have a snapshot of your files taken on the days you scheduled yourself.
  • Select reliable tools. Commonly used Dropbox and OneDrive have a number of weaknesses preventing from trusting them fully in terms of backing up. Choose something that is tried and tested. For personal files, you may use IDrive or CrashPlan.
  • Be consistent. It will be awesome if you start doing backups at least on World Backup Day. However, it would be much better if you took care of your data throughout a year. Safe browsing and a mindful usage of mobile gadgets are the easy ways to be always protected.

Sometimes, one mistakenly pressed button is what destroys the years of work and memories. At the same time, one button, if pressed on time, is the guarantee of safety and security. Choose a correct button and make the backup of your data on March 31.

P.S. Our hosting clients are totally safe, we backup data in multiply locations :)