What 2017 Is About to Bring to Web Users

The recently ended 2016 suggests that we should learn to adjust to the fast-changing environment of technologies as quickly as possible. The year saw the alteration in the role of traditional journalism, which was diminished by social media content, the rising popularity of mobile apps and voice-controlled assistants as compared to usual websites and search, as well as the advancement in the spheres of graphic media and mobile optimization.

Overall, many refreshing changes occurred in the development and marketing, which spurs to think what 2017 is about to bring. Obviously, the trends, which emerged in 2016, will continue to grow. Nevertheless, a number of new tendencies are to develop. Here is what you need to know to be prepared for embracing innovations and being able to keep up with the fast pace of technologies upgrading.

Trend One: Cloud and Cloud Security

The instances when organizations rely on cloud usage and computing will continue to become more and more frequent. Unfortunately, it also means that the number of data breaches is likely to increase. Such tendency obliged providers of cloud services to start reconsidering their protection measures in 2016. In 2017, their attempts will finally become successful although it is not yet clear how exactly it may happen. The only thing that is undeniably true is that cloud computing security will be amended.

Trend Two: Rebirth of Advertising

These days, organizations working on ad blocking and content writers are in the state of war. Surely, the omnipresent advertisements have their positive sides and are the source of substantial income for a number websites, but they lead to security issues, disrupt browsing experience, and frequently result in a usual user becoming the victims of fraudulent activity. With an aim to change the tarnished image of online advertising, its creators resort to all means available ranging from restricting access of users having ad block to humble begging to disable the software. Currently, the list of measures is being extended with new highly creative methods. Therefore, a wave of subdued advertising will fall on web users in 2017 thanks to the cooperation between the blockers and creators of ads. As a result, online advertising efficiency is expected to see a twofold increase by 2019.

Trend Three: Mobile Apps Decline

Given that mobile apps are at the pick of their popularity these days, it seems unlikely that they will be less commonly used in the nearest future. Nevertheless, certain changes are unavoidable. Many organizations are predicted to stop developing their mobile apps and stick to web applications since the former result in unreasonable expenses. In this situation, 2017 will become the period when the first steps in this direction will be made.