Privacy Policy

As a company, LeapWebHosting.com adheres to all privacy laws established by the United States, as well as the generally accepted international laws and recommendations relative to privacy and confidentiality.

We value and protect your privacy at all costs, and we want you to know that our commitment to a secure and safe experience for all of our users is solidly reflected in our policies and procedures. Like all Internet sites, however, we do collect certain generic information about site usage, and this is tracked by computer, not individual. We want to be fully transparent about our data gathering, moreover, and we therefore share with you here all of the terms and conditions related to our capture and use of any information.

LeapWebHosting.com collects and tracks two types of information, as follows:

I. Voluntary and Optional Submissions by Users

LeapWebHosting.com, on its site, offers a variety of free informational services to which users may subscribe. In these instances, users opt to provide certain personal information on a voluntary basis. These services include the following:

1. Electronic Newsletters: LeapWebHosting.com provides a free newsletter full of valuable information for users. Subscription to this electronic newsletter will require a user to provide his/her email address. In each of the newsletters, however, a user is given the opportunity to remove that email address and to cancel the subscription.
2. Forums/Message Boards: To participate in the message boards and forums, a user must supply an email address, a username, and a password. This allows one to access these centers at any time as well as to post on them.
3. Email a Friend: On many occasions, there is information, links, or pages that a user may wish a friend to read. As a free service, LeapWebHosting.com allows the user to click the “email to a friend” button. In order to accomplish the mail service, however, the user must provide his/her email address and the email address of the recipient. Our service lets the recipient know from whom the message comes, but the email addresses are neither shared nor used for any other purpose.
4. Polls: In an attempt to improve our services and content, LeapWebHosting.com will, from time to time, poll our users. Primarily, we ask for opinions and testimony, and the poll results are available for all to view. The information we collect, however, is aggregated, so that no individual user information is every revealed. We do “tag” an entry once a user has responded or voted, so that the user may not submit a duplicate entry. These tags do not correlate with the user’s personal information.
5. Surveys: LeapWebHosting.com will also conduct surveys of our users in order to target and improve our content and services and will often share the results with our advertisers, partners, and sponsors. All of the information is aggregated, moreover, so, again, no individual information is shared.

Important Note: We are in full compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and will never intentionally or knowingly solicit personal information from someone under the age of 13, unless parental consent is first obtained.

II. Aggregated Tracking Information

We continually monitor and track page viewing at our site, because this allows us to modify content to the needs of our readers and visitors and to inform sponsors and advertisers relative to our audience demographics. Revenue from advertisers and other sponsors is essential to our maintenance of free service to you, so it is important that advertisers know to whom they speak. At no time do we collect any personal information that would be shared with any third party. The types of information we collect is as follows:

1. Tracking of Usage: We compile statistics on traffic patterns of all of our sites, although these are not in any way compiled with specific information about users. We breakdown our stats by domain names, types of browsers used, and MIME. This is typical of information gathering on websites all over the Internet.

We also track aggregated information relative to the search terms that readers use, so that we can improve our SEO and, ultimately, traffic to our site. We track readership by page as well. Again, no personal information is collected.

2. Cookies: As is widespread practice among all websites, we may place cookies in your browser files. No personal information is collected by these cookies, but we use them to track patterns of traffic. No cookie can access your files or personal information. As well, you may refuse cookies by turning off that function on your own computer, and this will not impact your access to our site. In order to participate in email newsletters, message boards, polls and surveys, however, you will need to enable the cookie function.

How We Use Collected Data/Information

Personal Information: As stated above, voluntarily submitted personal information is only used for the purpose of presenting electronic newsletters and for participation in our polls, surveys, and other interactive features of our site. At no time is our email list shared with any third party. If, however, you link to other sites from our site, we cannot guarantee privacy of that site. You are responsible for ensuring that the sites to which you link have an appropriate privacy policy.

Aggregate Information: As stated above, the collection of aggregated information is used for purposes of improving our site, for tracking traffic patterns and for providing demographic information to our partners, advertisers, and sponsors. By gathering this data, we are able to improve our services and site pages, and our advertisers and sponsors are better able to tailor their presentations to the needs of our users. Again, at no time is any personal information shared with sponsors, advertisers or sponsors.

Legal Requirements: Should a governmental or judicial entity present a warrant for personal information of any of our users, we shall comply with the law.

Our Security: We have sophisticated and effective firewalls that provide fully secure experiences to our users and readers. We review our security measures at regular intervals and are consistently updating to the most improved and effective practices. Again, if you choose to link to another site from our site, we cannot guarantee the security of that site.

You Have Privacy Options: You always have the options NOT to provide any personal information and NOT to participate in any interactive features of our site. Further, at any time, you may opt out of previously given personal information, and we will delete your information from our system.

User Consent: By accessing and using our site, you automatically agree to all of the privacy terms stated in this document.

Further Disclosure: Your personal information will not be shared unless it is required by a third party to process requests from you or if the law requires that we do so for a specific judicial purpose.

When You Terminate an Account: Upon termination of an account, whether that termination is voluntary or due to our action, your personal information will be “deactivated” and placed in a separate database. We maintain your information in the event that there will be disputes or legal actions.